Digital Marketing

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The Digital marketing brings many unique benefits like low costs in distributing information directly to the targeted audience, interactivity, faster response which measureable. At MindQ, we can help you in all aspects of digital marketing including email marketing, search engine marketing, Search & display advertising.

Search & display advertising has the ability to drive key brand metrics - brand and advertising awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase interest. Our seasoned online professionals believe that your presence on the web has to reflect the true stature of your brand; which is why our designers and content developers leverage best practices to create advertising campaigns that make an impact and deliver the expected results.

E-Mail Marketing

Email has evolved to become one of the most inexpensive, effective & measurable communication channels. Used judiciously, with content relevancy & recipient permission, Email efforts can deliver attractive cost per contact or cost per conversion results. MindQ has the capabilities to plan, implement and manage successful Email marketing campaigns. Our email marketing strategies are targeted to create cost effective, time-saving and simple to manage email campaigns. We have skills in design & development, database management and reporting analysis.

Search Engine Marketing

'Advertise only when your prospective customer is searching for your services, and pay only when he visits your site. SEM helps in generating audiences, increase traffic, engage & educate the consumer and convert audiences to leads and leads to customers. Search Engine Marketing comprises of the following services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Also Referred To As the Organic Search

Pay Per Click (PPC), Also Referred To As the Paid Search

Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Programmatic Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Social Advertising
Lead Generation
Shopping Campaigns

Social Media Optimisation

Today a brand manager has to handle above the line, below the line as well as social media activities to navigate a brand. We at MindQ can help you develop & manage a wide range of social media communication initiatives-from building & engaging an online community to setting up & managing a blog, or just increasing traffic to your online assets from the social media channels.