LinkedIn Marketing

Harness the immense potential offered by LinkedIn marketing and take your business to the next level with our ideas and innovations.

At MindQ Solutions, we cater to a number of industries and a varied range of businesses to help them reach their audience directly via LinkedIn marketing. Our powerful promotional ideas have taken our clients to the epitome of success and made us a leading name in the digital marketing scene. While social media marketing is a phenomenon at large, many marketers are yet to prioritize the opportunity of a properly planned LinkedIn marketing campaign.

The main problem with social media marketing on platforms like LinkedIn are that most people have little to no idea about leveraging paid adverts to their benefits in the effective yet organic manner. With our expert team of digital marketers, who focus on not only the mainstream but unconventional solutions as well, you can have your LinkedIn marketing campaign kickstarted.

What is there in it for you?

LinkedIn is where the businesses connect. But is it influential enough to spend your digital marketing budget on? The answer is yes, very much so. With the platform’s already established reputation of being a meeting-and-greeting ground for all any and all sorts of businesses, it becomes really easy to simply belong to your industrial specification and then slowly start spreading and strengthening your hold on the relevant markets.

LinkedIn is an excellent B2B networking tool and it can be your platform for promotion and connectivity as well with our stellar strategies that target the right people at the right time.

How we cater to you?

LinkedIn campaign strategy

We help you zero in on a particular LinkedIn campaign strategy, implement that on your business account and develop the right branding to make the strategy work. While devising our plans, we keep in mind the understanding of your business, identifying your target audience and develop content that speaks to them at a technical level.

Paid content marketing

LinkedIn offers spectacular paid advertising options and features to concentrate on specific target audiences. Our teams develop interesting content creatively and uniformly across the various channels such as blogs, eBooks, journals or personalized emails, and manages the whole procedure of promoting them on a paid campaign. Building tailor-made landing pages also fall under the many LinkedIn marketing services we offer you.

Integrated Analytics

We help you understand how your LinkedIn campaign is going by linking your account to Google Analytics. Every month you get you a detailed report on the strategies that worked and the ones that require some modification for the next round, and we collectively decide the consequences of the outcome.