PPC Management

We help you with your PPC campaign with effective and goal-oriented strategies and get you excellent Return on Investment for your money.

MindQ Solutions is a one-stop shop for all your digital requirements and PPC is one of the front row services in the domain. PPC or Pay-Per-Click has proved to be one of the best means of lead conversion and revenue generation from digital marketing in the last few years. More than 75% users of the internet click on online advertisements either out of requirement or out of interest. If there ever was a best time to put your money and effort into PPC, it is right now.

We at MindQ Solutions ensure that you get back more than what you put in. Our experienced team of digital marketers and PPC advertisers know their way perfectly around digital platforms and how to utilize their nuances to the best of our client’s benefits. With the help of effective SEO and data-driven PPC management, we successfully make your adverts among the most clicked ones on Google.

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Google Ads

Google being the largest search engine out there, used by the majority of the world’s population to find information about anything and everything, their PPC platform is also by far the topmost one to invest in.

Google Ads, previously Google Adwords, is the premium PPC platform for paid advertising. It offers the most sophisticated features of Pay-Per-Click campaign and makes it extremely easy for both the advertisers and the companies to get the best out of the platform. Adwords lets the advertisers set a daily budget for every campaign to be undertaken and they also have to choose bids for each ad group. The Ads Keyword Planner is for researching, brainstorming, grouping and evaluating the influence of keywords for the said campaigns.

Why Choose Us For You PPC Campaign?

The expert PPC advertisers at MindQ Solutions will take care of all these aspects for you and also find the perfect ad schedule, location and alignment for both web and mobile viewing. We strive to get highest Quality Score at the least cost per click to place your advertisement in the best positions for a relevant Google Search.

  • Keyword analysis and management
  • Bid Management
  • Ad placement
  • Ad scheduling
  • Cost and performance analysis
  • Optimized Geo-targeting
  • Development of Ad copy
  • Great Return on Investment
  • Post-advert support
  • Regular campaign updates
  • PPC Account Management